What to Do in Canada


That is the question that the kids are asking. Of course their mother is the one who decided that we were going to look at canada tour packages. It seems that she has decided that she wants to go to Toronto and that the rest of us do as well, although the kids do not seem to know why they would want to do that. So far we have been told that they have one of those lego land places up there, but I am not sure if it is the full sized ones or not. The one they have in the Orlando FL area looks really to be a lot of fun, but that is a full sized amusement park. I believe that this one is one large indoor structure, apparently a big building like a mall or some such thing it seem to me. I am not really aware of a lot more. They do have casinos in the are around Niagara Falls, but that is not the sort of thing the kids are interested in. Why would they when all of the fun stuff there is off limits to them.

Of course I would not mind a fishing trip up there. In particular you can apparently find places where there just is not a lot of pressure on the fish from anglers. Places where you basically can only get there by float plane for example. Obviously if you can only get to a place in small little float plane there are not going to be guys every place you turn trying to catch the fish. The fish might not even know what you are doing in that boat and maybe you get a great big fish that has never had a hook bite into his great big mouth.