Planning a Little Trip to Scotland


I have started to plan a bit of a trip to Scotland. I have my camera gear packed up and I am working on an itinerary. My plan is to pick the best time of the year for roughing it and I hope that instead of the usual Aberdeen airport car hire I can figure out how to hire a camper type of vehicle. I do not need a full sized RV. Over there they call them American campers I think. In fact I could do well enough in a pick up truck with a camper shell, that is how I used to do it at home. Obviously you want to be able to figure out how to change clothes and bathe if you need to, so I am not above renting a hotel or finding some other method. I wonder if they have truck stops over there.

In the Great Smoky Mountains you can find truck stops where you can do all of the stuff you might need to do. You can grab a nap or take a shower and get some food to eat, just like you were at a hotel except that you will not have any privacy. Over here they have hostels I think, where you pay a rather slight fee and you get to stay in some sort of dorm. It is not all that awesome to think about really, but I would definitely not mind it to pop in and grab a shower and change in to some clean clothes. It would be a fairly quick and easy solution of course. You go in and do what you need to do, then you go about what you are up to. I am going to try to get a real Highland experience out of it.