Choosing from the Best Resorts in Barbados Was Easy for Us


Vacation time this year had us for the first time leaving the States. We usually travel to a state to see something we have never seen before or to be somewhere close to the water. We like the sun and sand, so most vacations have a mix of beach time and other things. This year we are going south. Way south. That is why I was looking for the best resorts in Barbados. I wanted a nice yet affordable place for our family to go to have a great vacation.

We were going during the dry season of Barbados, which is from December to May. We went in January, and that is the peak of the winter season here where we live. My work and my wife’s work gives us a liberal vacation, and we were spending four weeks in Barbados before returning home. That would put us into mid-February and all that closer to springtime at home. When we arrived on the island, it was perfect. The temperature was great and the rainy season was a long way off. We had sun, sand and blue water. It was beautiful. I am so glad we decided to go.

Our four weeks was spent at one of the best resorts in Barbados. It was affordable and fun. We had everything from very comfortable beds to accommodating staff that made us feel like we were royalty. The food was delicious, and the time in the sun was much appreciated. It was so cool to come back home with a well established tan in the middle of February. People who did not know we went would ask us if we had just spent time in the islands. We would just smile and get that dreamy look before responding with a longing yes. We wanted to go back! That is a mark of a great vacation when you want to go back!