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An Unexpected Trip to America

My daughter is going to school in California. Even though we have great colleges and universities here at home, she wanted to study abroad at a specific school because of their reputation. She was able to get her study visa with no issues, and she even went over on her own. She knew my fear of flying, so I was very relieved. However, she was in a car accident, and I knew that I needed to get to her, regardless of my issues with getting on an airplane. My brother told me I would easily qualify for an ESTA visa.

I did not even know what that was, so he explained that it just a document that allows people in a certain group of countries to travel to America without having to get the regular visa that has always been required in the past. Read More

Luxury Cabin Rentals in Los Cabos Unlike Anything I Have Ever Experienced Before

I had never been to Mexico. I had heard all kinds of things about it. I did not know that there was a luxury tourist trade in Mexico. And I really mean luxury when I use the word. I’m not talking about just a nice place or even a five-star place. No, the luxury Cabo rentals would not even fit into a standard five-star rating scale. You would have to up that to 10 stars or more. I would say that in this instance you get what you pay for, but I had absolutely no idea that you could stay at a luxurious oasis in Los Cabos that would make the Hollywood elite envious.

Plus, you have staff at these places that attend to everything. I had never seen anything like it before. An entire estate-like grounds with every indoor and outdoor space devoted to the best of everything. Read More

Planning a Little Trip to Scotland

I have started to plan a bit of a trip to Scotland. I have my camera gear packed up and I am working on an itinerary. My plan is to pick the best time of the year for roughing it and I hope that instead of the usual Aberdeen airport car hire I can figure out how to hire a camper type of vehicle. I do not need a full sized RV. Over there they call them American campers I think. In fact I could do well enough in a pick up truck with a camper shell, that is how I used to do it at home. Read More

Choosing from the Best Resorts in Barbados Was Easy for Us

Vacation time this year had us for the first time leaving the States. We usually travel to a state to see something we have never seen before or to be somewhere close to the water. We like the sun and sand, so most vacations have a mix of beach time and other things. This year we are going south. Way south. That is why I was looking for the best resorts in Barbados. I wanted a nice yet affordable place for our family to go to have a great vacation.

We were going during the dry season of Barbados, which is from December to May. We went in January, and that is the peak of the winter season here where we live. My work and my wife’s work gives us a liberal vacation, and we were spending four weeks in Barbados before returning home. Read More

What to Do in Canada

That is the question that the kids are asking. Of course their mother is the one who decided that we were going to look at canada tour packages. It seems that she has decided that she wants to go to Toronto and that the rest of us do as well, although the kids do not seem to know why they would want to do that. So far we have been told that they have one of those lego land places up there, but I am not sure if it is the full sized ones or not. The one they have in the Orlando FL area looks really to be a lot of fun, but that is a full sized amusement park. Read More

Cheap Car Rental in Mumbai

I am about to fly into the airport in Mumbai, and I will need to have a car available to me, after I arrive. I am going to be staying in the area, for about a week, on a business trip. I have a few things that need to be attended to, and if everything goes right, my business will be able to acquire a very lucrative contract through this trip. I am presently looking for mumbai car rental companies, because I would like to make sure that I have a vehicle available, for the duration of my stay.

My Chance for the Perfect Getaway

cheapoair promo cheapoair promo code 2012 ourapr find working ...I think I have good and bad luck. Recently, I participated in a raffle at my church. The grand prize was a trip for two passengers anywhere in the world. Accommodations such as food and hotels will be fully paid. Much to my surprise, I won the raffle prize. I received a cheapoair promo code to use for the trip. Here is where the bad luck lies. I can only take one passenger with me to explore this great opportunity. I have one of two choices to select. I can select my mother or my brother. I want to take them both, but only one will have the opportunity of joining me.

I could take my mother. She has not done a great amount of traveling in her lifetime.

Working a Part Time Job

Limousine Service | Airport Services | | Toronto ...I have been working a part time job on the weekends. Of course I had a chauffeurs’ license back from when I used to drive for this older man. He had a huge five hundred series Mercedes Benz limousine, a real antique actually. I believe that it looked like the car that the Korean guy chauffeured Goldfinger around in the old Bond movie. The guy made me get a chauffeur’s license and I had to wear the uniform. I guess it made him feel important. At any rate I met a guy who owns a toronto limo service while I was doing jury duty about a month ago.

An Eye Opening Experience for Me

I decided that I wanted to go to Israel after I found out that my grandfather was Jewish on my mom’s side. He came from Nazi Germany and had to hide his religion because they were not letting other Jews into our country. My mom and my dad said that they agreed it would be important for me to go and learn about my history and culture. When I got off the plane there were men with huge machine guns in Tel Aviv, and this was a normal way of life. I had to get a rental phone israel residents were able to get because I wanted to be able to call home whenever I needed to do so. It was so important for me to be able to go and learn what my Jewish background was all about. There was no better way than for me to go to Israel that is completely covered with history and culture.

I learned a little bit of Hebrew before I left but I learned that most people there spoke English and that was a way for people to be able to communicate with one another. My parents made me call every night, even though I am in my late twenties, just to make sure that I was okay and they were nervous as there have been terror strikes there in the past. I learned that I was there during a very peaceful time and they had not had a lot of terror attacks in the past few months. I felt really safe as their military, the IDF is every where you seem to turn and they like to make sure that they have their presence felt. It was one of the best trips that I ever experienced on my own and I’m glad I went.

Thinking About Taking a Vacation Soon

I have been working very hard lately but it is finally paying off and I am thinking about taking a vacation. I will be getting some residual income from one project o was thinking I could take my trip now and still have some money coming in. I would like to travel around India and maybe some other countries as well by rail road. I know I can check pnr status yari online so probably with my phone since it works in all countries with my current plan.

I think that seeing a country by rail road is one of the best ways to travel.