An Unexpected Trip to America


My daughter is going to school in California. Even though we have great colleges and universities here at home, she wanted to study abroad at a specific school because of their reputation. She was able to get her study visa with no issues, and she even went over on her own. She knew my fear of flying, so I was very relieved. However, she was in a car accident, and I knew that I needed to get to her, regardless of my issues with getting on an airplane. My brother told me I would easily qualify for an ESTA visa.

I did not even know what that was, so he explained that it just a document that allows people in a certain group of countries to travel to America without having to get the regular visa that has always been required in the past. I had no issue with getting a regular visa if I had time to plan for one, but this was a very unexpected trip that I did not want to delay. I had no idea how to go about getting an ESTA visa, so my brother was able to find a website that had the application.

Everything was able to be done right from the website that he directed me to. I filled out the application, paid the money owed, and within minutes I had my ESTA visa. I was so grateful that it happened that quickly. While I was taking care of my visa, my brother made the flight arrangements for the two of us. He was just as worried about my daughter, and we were in her hospital room within 24 hours of receiving the call. My brother flew back home after a couple of days, but I stayed for nearly a month to help her recuperate. She is now back in school, earning her doctorate degree, and I am no longer afraid to fly.