Sites for Finding Weed in Barcelona, Spain


I just recently moved to Barcelona, Spain with my wife, who is a citizen of Spain, and grew up in Barcelona. It is nice to experience living in a different country, to say the least. However, I have not had access to marijuana since I moved to Spain, and that is something that I need to change soon. I have to deal with chronic back pain, and marijuana makes my quality life a lot better. I just found this site that is called and it looks like it might be able to hook me up with a private coffee shop that I can go to.

I wonder what sort of variety of strains are offered at these coffee shops. It would be pretty neat if there were some strains here that I have already had before. It would be hard to confirm though, probably. Anyway, I hope to find a good strain of weed that has concentrations of THC close to or exceeding 25% by weight. Additionally, I prefer to smoke stuff that does not have much cannabidiol in it. The cannabidiol is a fairly potent sedative, and that is something I need to avoid, or else, I will get too tired after smoking. The chemical does have some redeeming proprieties though, such as the fact that it is an anxiolytic.

Anyway, right now, I am just focused on trying to find a place where I can go to get some quality marijuana. I have read that it is kind of legal to use these coffee shops, and that personal consumption of marijuana is not a crime in the country of Spain. I hope that those are facts. If so, then it does not sound like I really have much to worry about if I go to one of these coffee shops that I have heard of.