Month: May 2017

Luxury Cabin Rentals in Los Cabos Unlike Anything I Have Ever Experienced Before

I had never been to Mexico. I had heard all kinds of things about it. I did not know that there was a luxury tourist trade in Mexico. And I really mean luxury when I use the word. I’m not talking about just a nice place or even a five-star place. No, the luxury Cabo rentals would not even fit into a standard five-star rating scale. You would have to up that to 10 stars or more. I would say that in this instance you get what you pay for, but I had absolutely no idea that you could stay at a luxurious oasis in Los Cabos that would make the Hollywood elite envious.

Plus, you have staff at these places that attend to everything. I had never seen anything like it before. An entire estate-like grounds with every indoor and outdoor space devoted to the best of everything. Read More