Month: June 2014

Choosing from the Best Resorts in Barbados Was Easy for Us

Vacation time this year had us for the first time leaving the States. We usually travel to a state to see something we have never seen before or to be somewhere close to the water. We like the sun and sand, so most vacations have a mix of beach time and other things. This year we are going south. Way south. That is why I was looking for the best resorts in Barbados. I wanted a nice yet affordable place for our family to go to have a great vacation.

We were going during the dry season of Barbados, which is from December to May. We went in January, and that is the peak of the winter season here where we live. My work and my wife’s work gives us a liberal vacation, and we were spending four weeks in Barbados before returning home. Read More

What to Do in Canada

That is the question that the kids are asking. Of course their mother is the one who decided that we were going to look at canada tour packages. It seems that she has decided that she wants to go to Toronto and that the rest of us do as well, although the kids do not seem to know why they would want to do that. So far we have been told that they have one of those lego land places up there, but I am not sure if it is the full sized ones or not. The one they have in the Orlando FL area looks really to be a lot of fun, but that is a full sized amusement park. Read More